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DAY 2 (6/6): YAKITORI HITOMI (炭焼創彩鳥家 人見), Kyoto (京都), Japan, 2016.12.04

Recommended by a number of blogs and international media such as the New York Times, Yakitori Hitomi (炭焼創彩鳥家 人見) has been named as the best restaurant in Kyoto for Yakitori (焼き鳥) or Japanese skewered chicken.  We made a reservation through the phone about a week prior to our departure.  Fortunately, we managed to communicate with the staff over the phone with simple English and managed to secure a table for 20:30 on our second day of the trip.  Many said that bookings should be made weeks well in advance for this highly popular and intimate restaurant on Nijo Dori at a quiet residential neighborhood in Higashiyama.  It was a 15 minute walk to Yakitori Hitomi from our hotel.  We borrowed an umbrella from the hotel as it was still raining.

Nijo Dori was quiet and there were hardly anyone on the street.  We arrived at Yakitori Hitomi right on time, and were received with a warm welcome by the staff.  The master chef/owner recognized us right away as he was the one whom we spoke to on the phone.  He talked with us for a bit and told us that he had been to Hong Kong more than two decades ago.  We sat by the counter facing the semi-open kitchen.  We were given English menu, and a diagram of a chicken indicating different parts available, from neck to heart to bottom.  We ordered sake, plum wine, and a variety of chicken skewers, local duck fillets, chicken soup, vegetable sticks, etc.  The master chef/owner was the only person who worked at the binchotan (備長炭) or traditional Japanese white charcoal grill.  We sat patiently to wait for each delicious skewer to be served one by one.  The two-hour meal was definitely the best Japanese yakitori we ever had, and on top of that, the wonderful staff service and cozy atmosphere all made it a remarkable experience for our Kyoto stay.

01The secluded front door and street facade of Yakitori Hitomi.

02We sat at the timber counter facing the semi-open kitchen.

03The restaurant interior was cozy and simple.

04Japanese menu of Yakitori Hitomi.

05Diagram showed the various parts of chicken available.

06Sake and salt.

07Chicken knee cartilage.

08Tsukune or Japanese chicken meatball.

09Sasami or chicken breast tender.

10Seseri, or chicken neck.

11Local chicken wings.

12Japanese pickles, and momo or thigh meat.

13Chicken soup.

14A type of Japanese yam.

15Vegetable sticks with master chef/owner in the background.

16Complimentary dish and plum wine.

18Thigh meat.

19Kyoto duck fillets.


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BUMPY ARRIVAL, Lima & Arequipa, Peru

Our 17-day journey didn’t start off as smoothly as we wanted to.  Our Toronto-New York-Lima flight was unfortunately hindered by awful delays.  The flight to New York was an hour late, but then the worst didn’t come until we arrived at New York JFK.  Time ticked way beyond the scheduled time but our LAN Peru plane was nowhere in sight.  That night, no special weather alert was reported but the plane never came.  LAN Peru ended up sending all passengers to an airport hotel to rest.  In the next morning, we finally got on a plane for Lima, 11 hours beyond the scheduled time.

It was past dinner time when we arrived at Lima Airport.  Our taxi sped through the streets of Lima for Miraflores District, where our friend from Chicago was waiting for us at Kokopelli Hostel.  After we met up with our friend, we decided to grab some supper in the neighborhood.  It was a quiet neighbourhood with dim street lights; but there was one street interaction where people clustered around a food cart with a bright lamp. It was one of the most renowned street food carts in Peru, Dona Grimanesa Vargas’s anticuchos skewers.  We joined the locals with great expectation. The beef heart skewers didn’t disappoint us. They were tender and juicy, but it took us over two hours queuing on the street with empty stomach before we could even place our orders. The famous owner, Tia Grimanesa, represented the icon of Lima’s street food for almost four decades; and we recently found out that visitors can now enjoy her anticuchos at her new restaurant.

In the morning, we checked out Kokopell Hostel and headed to Lima Airport again for our morning flight to Arequipa.  At the airport, we met up with our other travel buddy who just arrived from Toronto to join us for the trip.  The four of us boarded a LAN Peru plane for the 1.5 hour flight.  At 10:30 we landed at Arequipa.  Our journey up to the Peruvian highlands officially began.  Arequipa, the second largest city in Peru, lies at about 2,300m above sea level.  In the area around Plaza de Armas, there are a number of splendid colonial buildings, churches and plazas from the Spanish era.  Just around the corner from Monasterio de Santa Catalina, the biggest attraction in town, we checked in at our bed and breakfast Torres de Ugarte, a delightful hotel with colourful walls and a relaxing atmosphere.

1We wouldn’t know what seemed like a short delay at Toronto Pearson Airport would end up to be an 11-hour belated arrival at Lima.

P1010820Our 11-hour flight delay was followed by an 2-hour wait on the street at Miraflores, Lima for Dona Grimanesa Vargas’s anticuchos skewers.

2 The renowned beef heart skewers were very delicious.  Though if we knew it would turn out to be a 2-hour wait, we would probably go somewhere else to fill our bellies.

3Dona Grimanesa Vargas (right) has been selling anticuchos on the street for about four decades. Today, she has moved her business into a restaurant.

4The atmosphere was causal and friendly at the Kokopelli Hostel in Miraflores, one of the most popular and safest neighborhoods in Lima according to guidebooks.

10PE01-09Miraflores is a relatively affluent district in Lima, Peru’s biggest city with a population of over 8.4 million.

6From the plane, the surrounding landscape of Arequipa, Peru’s second largest city, seemed dry and arid.

7The Rodríguez Ballón International Airport of Arequipa is surrounded by mountains and arid landscape.

8The main arrival building of Arequipa’s Rodríguez Ballón International Airport.

9On our way from the airport to our bed and breakfast Torres de Ugarte in the heart of the historical city centre in Arequipa.

10PE01-18A small lovely courtyard in Torres de Ugarte surrounded by guest rooms.

* * *

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