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DAY 6 – MIKOSHI-TOGE PASS TO HONGU TAISHA, Kumano Kodo (熊野古道) 2 of 3, Japan

After lunch, we had another 10km to cover before reaching Hongu Taisha, the ultimate sacred destination of Kumano Kodo.  The trail in the afternoon was relatively less challenging.  After a short while hiking in the woods, we reached an open spot where slope failure control work was in progress.  It was a spectacular site with bamboo blankets covered a large slope area of a hillside.  Landslides caused by heavy rain or typhoons were not uncommon in this area, posing potential risks to hikers. After the slope failure control area, we walked on and passed by the shrines of Inohana, Hosshinmon, and Mizunomi before reaching different farming villages.  In front of the dramatic backdrop of Kii Mountains, rice paddles and tea farms lined up the narrow plains and rolling hills along the main village path.  Orange trees could be seen in the backyard of village homes.  Apart from ume (Japanese plums), the prefecture of Wakayama is famous for producing the best mandarin oranges in Japan.  In the villages, there were many wooden kiosks selling local goods such as dried produces and tea leaves catered for visiting pilgrims.  Some kiosks were also selling wooden carvings.  After we meandered through the peaceful farming villages and took in some of the best views of Kumano Kodo, we finally reached Fushiogami Oji, the last main oji before reaching the town of Hongu.  The last hour of hike took us through a dense forest on an ancient stone path.  At last we reached a long flight of stairs descending down to Hongu.  At about 5pm we finally passed through the wooden torii gate at the back entrance of Hongu Taisha. 21 A single tree was preserved at the slope failure control area. 22Japanese Maples thrive along Otonashi-gawa River and Kumano Kodo.  Their green leaves reveal a refreshing sense of the spring season. 23The main shrine of Funatama Jinja. 24One of the two guardian fox statues at Funatama Jinja shrine dedicated to kami Inari. 25Many retaining hills were covered with green moss. 26After Mizunomi Oj, we passed by the last few vending machines before reaching Hongu Taisha.  We couldn’t resist but bought a bottle of local soft drink. 27We were a day late to visit the Hongu Taisha spring festival, an annual event with three days full of ceremonies. 29Before reaching the next shrine at Mizunomi Oji, we passed by a few self-served wooden kiosks selling local carvings. 31A tiny shrine along the path was dedicated to the deity that protected worshipers from tooth-ache. 32Many worshipers stopped by Mizunomi Oji to pray for a relief from back pain. 33We walked past the dense woods of the Forest of Rebirth, where pilgrims were meant to cleanse their spirits before reaching Hongu Taisha. 36Wooden kiosks selling all kinds of unique local products, including wooden carvings and agricultural produces. 37Local agricultural products such as tea leaves and pickled vegetables were on sale. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGreen tea farms dominated the agricultural lands in villages before reaching Fushiogami Oji. 40Serene mountain views provide a dramatic backdrop to the tea farms near Fushiogami Oji. 41 After a long flight of stairs descending down to the town of Hongu, one of the first things we encountered was this cute signage about unwanted dogs from the area. DSC_0199In late afternoon we finally reached the back entrance of Hongu Taisha.

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