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Longshan Temple is a prime tourist attraction and a religious centre in Taipei. Built in 1738, the temple has survived through earthquakes and fire, and has undergone numerous renovations and reconstructions. The temple is dedicated to a number of Buddhist, Taoist and traditional Chinese deities.

1Tourist groups gathered at the Entrance Hall of the temple.

2Temple signage and the richly decorated dougong (wooden brackets) under the eaves of the Entrance Hall.

3Exquisite carvings, especially the bronze dragons on the columns, are some of the most remarkable details of the Entrance Hall building.

4A dozen or so worshipers were busy throwing moon shaped wooden pieces onto the ground, performing a kind of psychic ritual asking for spiritual advices from the gods.

5Beautiful ceiling finish of the Entrance Hall.

6Worshipers at the entrance of the Main Hall.

7Interior of the Main Hall.

8Splendid carvings decorate the exterior columns of the Main Hall.

9A number of smaller side halls dedicate to different deities lined up the perimeter of the temple complex.

10Alters and offerings in one of the smaller temple halls.

11Incenses, candles, food and flower offerings could be seen on tables set up all over the courtyards in the temple complex.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGroups of elderly gathered around the main courtyard socializing.

13One of the most fascinating features of Longshan Temple is the dragon carvings on the roof ridges.

14Worshipers gathered in the main courtyard to participate a chanting ritual.

* * *

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