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Day 6 – KUMANO HONGU TAISHA TO YUNOMINE ONSEN, Kumano Kodo (熊野古道) 3 of 3, Japan

As one of the Kumano Sanzan, Hongu Taisha is one of the three major shrines of Kumano Shinto shrines, and the main pilgrimage destination in the Kii Mountains since the early 10th century.  Originally built on the river delta of Oyunohara, the historical shrine was partially destroyed by floods in 1889.  Out of the five original main shrine structures at Oyunohara, three were rebuilt at today’s location about 1km from its original spot.  Similar to other Shinto shrines, unfinished wood were widely used in the shrine structures of Kumano Hongu Taisha.  Not a single nail had been used in the magnificent timber structures. After a long day of walk, we arrived at Hongu Taisha at around 5pm.   We entered the complex through its back entrance.  Only a few local visitors were around.  All the shops and vending stalls selling religious souvenirs were already closed.  We quietly wandered around the ground, paid our respect to the deities, and decided to return for another visit the next day.  We exited the ground from its main entrance.  Across the street from the main entrance stood the Kumano Hongu Heritage Centre and the local bus stop.  It was a relief after we realized that the last bus to Yunomine was still yet to come. It was only ten minutes of bus ride from Hongu to Yunomine, the small village famous for its 1800 year old onsen.  From Takijiri to Hongu Taisha, we covered a little over 40km of hiking in two days.  At Yunomine Onsen, it was the time for a well deserved rest and a dip into one of its hotsprings.  We arrived at Yunomine in the evening.  After we checked into our traditional rooms in Ryokan Adumaya, the hotel staff immediately prepared our Kaiseki dinner in our room.  Ryokan Adumaya is the oldest guesthouse in the village, with its own hotspring baths and traditional tatami rooms serving both foreign and local visitors.  After the dinner, the hotel staff set up the bed and blanket for us on the bamboo tatami. 1 We silently walked into the shrine complex from the back entrance, which led us into the outer courtyard of the shrine complex. 2 Unfinished timber gate structure that leads to the inner courtyard of the shrine complex. 3 Gateway into the inner courtyard of the shrine complex. 4 The three main shrine structures at the core of the inner courtyard were off limits to visitors. 5 One of the three main shrine structures rebuilt after the move from the original location in 1889. 6 Bronze features on the rooftop of the shrine structures. 7 Chigi, the crossed detail on rooftop, is a common feature in Japanese Shinto architecture. 8 The main stairway led us to the front entrance of Hongu Taisha. 10 At the bus stop in front of Kumano Hongu Heritage Centre, we waited for the day’s last bus for Yunomine, where we would stay the night at a local hotspring inn. 10a The main creek ran through the entire village of Yunomine at its centre. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The public hotspring bath and the adjacent shop/ eatery were still open at 8 in the evening. 10c Below the village shrine by the creek stood the piping system distributing the hotspring water to different parts of the village. 11 We checked in at Ryokan Adumaya, the oldest hotspring inn at Yunomine. 12 Kaiseki dinner at Ryokan Adumaya. 13 Kaiseki dinner at Ryokan Adumaya. 14 Kaiseki dinner at Ryokan Adumaya. 15 Menu of the Kaiseki dinner at Ryokan Adumaya. 16 Bedding and blanket were all set as soon as we finished the delicious dinner.  Before bedtime, we still managed to visit the hotspring in the ryokan.

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