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WAY OF LIVING, Daikanyama (代官山), Tokyo (東京), Japan

Often regarded as the Brooklyn of Tokyo, the highly fashionable and pleasant Daikanyama (代官山) is much more than just an affluent urban neighborhood.  Just a short walk south of the world’s busiest intersection Shibuya (渋谷) crossing, Daikanyama is a totally different world: Sleek cafes or sleepy bistros with a few tables, stylish boutiques and intimate denim shops housed in traditional timber houses, lovely design, camera and music shops, and the exquisite T Site, the flagship bookstore by Tsutaya Books.  A brief stroll in Daikanyama shall make one to contemplate on the way of living and the question on what’s the most desirable lifestyle one possible lead.

1From Ebisu (恵比寿) Station, we found our way into a series of lanes heading towards Daikanyama (代官山).

3We weren’t in a hurry and preferred to wander in the quiet residential streets.  With its bohemian atmosphere, Daikanyama (代官山) is a great place to visit on foot.

4In this affluent neighborhood, some of the houses and shops are interestingly designed according to the character of the owner.  Judging from the exterior appearance of the architecture, one might make a fine guess on what kind of person the owner could be.

5The neighborhood is sleepy, clean, quiet and relaxing.  We finally made our way back out to the beautiful Kyu Yamate Dori (旧山手通り), a tree lined avenue dotted with greenery, boutiques and foreign embassies.

6Buildings along Kyu Yamate Dori (旧山手通り) are quite low key.  This highly reflective building facade introduces the colour palette from the blue sky and white clouds.

7Some owner prefers to dress up the ild building with street art.

8The Kyu Yamate Dori (旧山手通り) is a full of lush green vegetation.

9Full of pleasant courtyards and atmospheric cafe, Hillside Terrace (ヒルサイドテラス) is an intimate shopping complex off the Kyu Yamate Dori (旧山手通り).

10Maison Kitsune, a fashion boutique with the Parisian mood, occupies a former timber house.

11We loved Okura (オクラ), a intimate boutique selling various kinds of clothing and denim made from traditional dyeing process.

12Tenoha Daikanyama is a cool courtyard complex with a fantastic lifestyle shop, Italian restaurant and bar, and an Italian cafe.

13All shops and restaurants at Tenoha open out to the central courtyard where visitors can enjoy the sun in a garden setting.

14The Italian restaurant has a large open kitchen and a proper pizza oven, and big windows out to the central courtyard.

15Another interesting retail cluster in Daikanyama is Logroad.  Logroad is a 220m pathway of shops and restaurants converted from a former railway track.

16The scale at Log Road is intimate.  The entire place is relaxing as if arriving at a wooden cottage away from the city.

17Greenery is everywhere in Log Road. There aren’t too many shops, but the atmosphere is quite laid back.

18The architecture is boxes cladded with vertical timber sidings.

19The path of Log Road extends out to a roof terrace at one end, overlooking the surrounding residential neighborhood.

20There are enough greenery and public furniture at Log Road to offer an intimate garden setting for most visitors.


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