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DAY 3 (1/7): MORNING IN NORTHERN HIGASHIYAMA (北東山), Kyoto (京都), Japan, 2016.12.05

On Day 3 we decided to dedicate the morning to visit Northern Higashiyama (北東山).  The area was less crowded than the Southern Higashiyama (area around Kiyomizu-dera) but still contained some of the most impressive temples in the city, including Nanzenji Temple (南禅寺) and Ginkakuji Temple (銀閣寺).  We had a simple breakfast at Le Bac a Sable, a small French bakery near Higashiyama Metro Station.  Run by two Frenchmen, the bakery was cozy and causal, and offered good bread and coffee.  After breakfast, we took bus no.5 to head northeast.  The bus drove by National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, Kyoto City Zoo, and Okazaki Park, where a large torii gate led to the Heian Shrine beyond.  We got off at Shirakawa Dori (白川通), and found our way into a network of residential streets heading towards Nanzenji Temple (南禅寺), the most important Zen Buddhist temple in Kyoto.  The peaceful street scenery of grey roof tiles, dew-wet timber panels, moss covered stone walls and autumn red maples under the early morning sunlight was impeccable.  We couldn’t ask for more for a perfect start of the day.

img_9189Breakfast at Le Bac a Sable, a simple French bakery near Higashiyama Metro Station.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe waited for the bus no.5 at the peaceful Sanjo Dori.

01bWe got off at Shirakawa Dori (白川通), and crossed the road into a network of small residential streets.

02The air was fresh and the sunlight was soft at around 8:00am.

03A alleyway leading into the neighborhood of Nanzenji Temple.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA cyclist under the soft morning sun.

05The residential streets near Nanzenji Temple was so serene.  All we could hear was the sound of singing birds and running water from the channels along the edge.

08Red maples matched perfectly well with the timber sidings.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMoss-covered stone and white wash wall of one of the large residential complex.

10Channel brought the fresh water down from the Eastern Mountains.

11Signage for the north gate of Nanzenji Temple and Philosopher’s Path beyond as we approached the temple complex.

12We passed by the entrance of Jishin-in Temple (慈氏院 ) just before entering Nanzenji.

13The woodland near the entrance of Nanzenji Temple.

14Path leading to the main entrance of Nanzenji Temple.

15The trees were still wet from the morning dew.

17The autumn colours at the entrance of Nanzenji.

16A natural carpet of red leaves at Nanzenji Temple.

02The Sammon Gate (三門) of Nanzenji Temple leading into the temple ground.


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