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HISTORY, SCENERY, ARCHITECTURE, 5-day tour of Anhui and Hangzhou, China


In Mid-September, we made a short trip to the province of Anhui Southern China. It has been over a decade since we last backpacked in China. Compared to the culture of arid yellow earth, mighty military history and ancient Buddhist temples in Shanxi and Hebei that we visited in the past, Anhui and the surrounding areas belong to a landscape of green teas, lotus ponds, and misty mountains.

From Hong Kong, we first flew to Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province, from where we took a bus to the town of Tunxi. Also known as Huangshan City, Tunxi is the transportation hub for most travelers visiting Huangshan. A stroll on the Laojie (Old Street) in Tunxi prepared us to the crowded experience that may happen in any tourist spots frequented by local visitors. We took Tunxi as the base to visit Hongcun and Xidi, the famous ancient villages nearby that captured the imagination of many movie directors and local painters. On Huangshan (Yellow Mountains), the magical mountains renowned for the mysterious scenery, we spent two days braving the centuries old stepped trails awaiting for magical moments when spiky granite peaks revealing themselves under the veil of mist and fog. Returning with burning knee pains and muscle ache from Huangshan, we had a dose of China’s contemporary architecture at the National Academy of Art in Xiangshan, near Hangzhou. While this brief visit reminded us our fond travel memories in China, it may well reignite our interest in making longer journeys in other parts of China in the near future.

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1. History, Scenery, Architecture, 5-day tour of Anhui and Hangzhou, China
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