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Another mixed-use development in close proximity to National Art Centre is the Tokyo Midtown. Completed in 2007, several years after the Roppongi Hills, the Tokyo Midtown includes office towers, hotels, apartments, shops, restaurants, museums and parks. With Tadao Ando’s 21_21 Design Sight Museum and Kengo Kuma’s Suntory Museum, Midtown is also a cultural destination in its own right.

1Aerial view of Tokyo Midtown at top right corner.
2Ando 21_21 Design Sight Museum was closed for exhibit installation when we were there.
3 4 5 It wasn’t the best day to wander outdoor. We did however come across one of the many outdoor art pieces at Tokyo Midtown.

6Tokyo Midtown is home to one of the city’s tallest commercial towers.
7 8 Tree-like canopies cover forecourts between different buildings.

* * *

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