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SEA OF CANDLES – June 4th Candlelight Vigil in Victoria Park, Hong Kong

June Fourth.  A quarter of a century on, a solemn candlelight vigil is held at this very night in Hong Kong’s Victoria Park every year since 1989.  Hong Kong and Macau are the only places in China where citizens can openly commemorate the June 4th Incident.  This year, over 180,000 people participated in the event, the biggest crowd ever.

It was a night with fine weather.  Songs were sung.  Rallies were shouted.  Tears were shed.  Symbolic rituals were held.  Age of participants ranging from under 10 to well over 80, a diverse crowd came together for the purpose of rectifying the June Fourth Incident and rallying for democracy and freedom. That evening, 180,000 candles flickered in the summer breeze, lit up the six football pitches of Victoria Park into a sea of light.

ImageBefore the event, pro-democratic rallies and banners lined up along the main routes leading to the entrance of Victoria Park in Causeway Bay.
ImageA replica of the Goddess of Democracy statue was erected in the centre of the venue.
ImageA democratic activist held up a 1989’s  newspaper while speaking out to the audience.
ImageThe slogans “Rectify the June Fourth Incident” and “Fight till the End” were put up as the stage’s backdrop.
ImageThe crowd was peaceful and solemn throughout the night of commemoration.ImageImageImageImageThe last slide on the stage: “See you next year at Victoria Park”.
ImageDeparting crowd lined up to photograph the Goddess of Democracy statue.
ImageThe leaving crowd and pro-democratic groups packed the streets near Victoria Park.Image

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